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Nolan Glandon

A few weeks back, Robin and I trekked back down to Charlotte, a journey that previously has been fraught with automobile related strife (but that’s a whole other story) to see my new nephew Nolan, my sister and her husband, and my mom.It was a wonderful weekend and I got a few good shots in between fussy periods. He’s a big little man who had already started to hold his head up unaided and even head butt the person holding him even though he was only about 7 weeks. This first shot was a great picture of his smile that we would get and below are a few more. Of course I thought I had already posted these pics online, but my mom – the ever attentive grandma, made sure to remind me that I hadn’t.

Not quite ready to roll over, but definately ready to look around.

Grandma has the magic touch.

Whats daddy doing to him?

Just in case you’re wondering, my sister was at work while we were taking pictures – she wasn’t purposely edited out!


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